about myself

We must decide on peace among ourselves to protect the world, and peace with the world to protect ourselves.
— Michel Serres, The Natural Contract
through artistic methods i try to investigate our relationship with each other and thus with nature.

we have long outgrown that archaic notion of being part of nature, (something that today stirs only fears of something raw and untamed) and have (at least as we like to imagine it) become masters of her, just as we became masters of each other before.

yet suddenly we must realize that the control that we never had is slipping. too many stones have been turned and earth is reacting now. shaping the ecosystems around us we ignored that these ecosystems have shaped us as well – and will do so again.

for me the most pressing questions is thus: how can we enter into a different kind of relationship – one that would make us and the world stand on equal terms?