we was in the, we was in the lake last week and then it was a lot of swans on the lake and it was female and male and young swans also, and all of them really tried to take the bread, because it was a lot of kids next to the river, they give them bread, but one of them was really shy and all the other ones took it really fast and the other one he, he go really slowly and then one boy came with piece of bread on stick and give it to him and then he was really shy doesn’t know what to do and he took and then he go slowly to the next side of the river.

have you heard jupiter?

in the ruins of the structures of control
we hear only a silence
but it is not silence
it is –
a song we can't perceive anymore
because it's been playing all along

in a shack of camouflage
there is a band of strangers
trying to find this song

mumbling, stumblin, shoutin,
beating it out of the walls

grinding up the sea
and distilling the hills

paint flakes fall emptily
as the police man enters
– a last spasm of history

ten thousands minutes of white

tiefer ist es dann das haus
und weicher die erde
früh zwischen den zehen
das tal
die treppe hinunter
die senke überblickt
das rauschen nimmt zu

not running away

because there ain't no such place

this here is a communion of agents
running around
with just one goal:
they try
at all cost
to avoid the company of other

communication failure

it is quite simple in fact:
some information is encoded
then it is transmitted
the redundancy then kills the error:
but the question remains

around the attractors they spin
embedded here.

later on the recipient is unable
to decipher the contents – she fails.